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City List

This is the Vietnam City List page list. You can click the title to browse the detail information.
City Region Name National Destination Code Carrier Name Number Type
Mobile Telephony GSM 120 MobiFone M
Mobile Telephony GSM 121 VNPT Group M
Mobile Telephony GSM 122 VNPT Group M
Mobile Telephony GSM 123 VNPT Group M
Mobile Telephony GSM 124 Vinaphone M
Mobile Telephony GSM 125 Vinaphone M
Mobile Telephony GSM 126 VNPT Group M
Mobile Telephony GSM 127 Vinaphone M
Mobile Telephony GSM 128 MobiFone M
Mobile Telephony 129 Vinaphone (VNPT) M
Mobile Telephony 162 Viettel M
Mobile Telephony 163 Viettel M
Mobile Telephony 164 Viettel M
Mobile Telephony 165 Viettel M
Mobile Telephony 166 Viettel M
Mobile Telephony 167 Viettel M
Mobile Telephony 168 Viettel M
Mobile Telephony 169 Viettel M
Mobile Telephony GSM 186 Vietnamobile M
Mobile Telephony GSM 188 Vietnamobile M
Mobile Telephony 199 Beeline NV/GTEL M
Lao Cai 20 Viettel G
Lao Cai 20 VNPT G
Lao Cai 20 VTC G
Phu Tho 210 Viettel G
Phu Tho 210 VNPT G
Phu Tho 210 VTC G
Vinh Phuc 211 Viettel G
Vinh Phuc 211 VNPT G
Vinh Phuc 211 VTC G
Hoa Binh 218 Viettel G
Hoa Binh 218 VNPT G
Hoa Binh 218 VTC G
Ha Giang 219 Viettel G
Ha Giang 219 VNPT G
Ha Giang 219 VTC G
Son La 22 Viettel G
Son La 22 VNPT G
Son La 22 VTC G
Dien Bien 230 Viettel G
Dien Bien 230 VNPT G
Dien Bien 230 VTC G
Lai Chau 231 Viettel G
Lai Chau 231 VNPT G
Lai Chau 231 VTC G
Bac Giang 240 Viettel G
Bac Giang 240 VNPT G
Bac Giang 240 VTC G
Bac Ninh 241 Viettel G
Bac Ninh 241 VNPT G
Bac Ninh 241 VTC G
Lang Son 25 Viettel G
Lang Son 25 VNPT G
Lang Son 25 VTC G
Cao Bang 26 Viettel G
Cao Bang 26 VNPT G
Cao Bang 26 VTC G
Tuyen Quang 27 Viettel G
Tuyen Quang 27 VNPT G
Tuyen Quang 27 VTC G
Thai Nguyen 280 Viettel G
Thai Nguyen 280 VNPT G
Thai Nguyen 280 VTC G
Bac Can 281 Viettel G
Bac Can 281 VNPT G
Bac Can 281 VTC G
Yen Bai 29 Viettel G
Yen Bai 29 VNPT G
Yen Bai 29 VTC G
Ninh Binh 30 Viettel G
Ninh Binh 30 VNPT G
Ninh Binh 30 VTC G
Hai Phong 31 Viettel G
Hải Dương 320 Viettel G
Hung Yen 321 Viettel G
Hung Yen 321 VNPT G
Hung Yen 321 VTC G
Quang Ninh 33 Viettel G
Quang Ninh 33 VNPT G
Quang Ninh 33 VTC G
Nam Định 350 Viettel G
Ha Nam 351 Viettel G
Ha Nam 351 VNPT G
Ha Nam 351 VTC G
Thai Binh 36 Viettel G
Thai Binh 36 VNPT G
Thai Binh 36 VTC G
Thanh Hóa 37 Viettel G
Nghệ A 38 Viettel G
Ha Tinh 39 Viettel G
Ha Tinh 39 VNPT G
Ha Tinh 39 VTC G
Ha Noi 4 Viettel G
Ha Noi 4 VNPT G
Ha Noi 4 VTC G
Dac Lac 500 Viettel G
Dac Lac 500 VNPT G
Dac Lac 500 VTC G
Dac Nong 501 Viettel G
Dac Nong 501 VNPT G